30 Quick and Healthy Summer Salad Recipes

Easy Salads for Your Summer Detox

The minute the long winter finally gives way to hot weather, we all crave a bountiful, colourful light and healthy summer salad. It is an almost cathartic feeling to prepare an easy lunch or dinner using all the fresh goodies in season.

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Here are some beautiful ideas to sort your detox cure for the rest of the month – and continue into the rest of the summer season! Finally, it is time for all that heaviness accumulated during the long winter – no, not the one in GOT, but the more realistic and largely spent in lockdown one! – and the excessive baking some of us delved into to keep their sanity intact to get out of our system.

Shake the bad habits off and get in your best physical and mental form by following these beautiful and healthy summer salad recipes! Enjoy!

  1. Caprese Salad
caprese summer salad

As the name implies, the fresh, delicious and easy-to-make Caprese Salad originates from Capri – Mediterranean’s most fascinating island, just a short boat ride from Naples. It might seem a humble dish, but it is one of Italy’s favourites. And we love it too!

Recipe provided by theworldisanoyster.com.

2. Greek Salad

Greek salad

The truth is, you can’t go wrong with things that many people grow in their gardens. And you don’t have to physically be in Greece (even if it is preferable, being a holiday hot spot for all the right reasons!) to make a simple, filling, healthy and delicious starter such as a Greek salad.

Recipe provided by theworldisanoyster.com.

3. Fresh Citrus Summer Salad

citrus fruity summer salad

Light and refreshing, this Fresh Citrus Summer Salad will be the centrepiece for your next picnic or potluck. Topped with a honey drizzle and tangy goat cheese, this fruit salad combines many flavours to create a satisfyingly sweet salad.

Recipe provided by abundanceofflavor.com.

4. Vegan German Potato Salad with Cucumber and Dill

German potato salad

A vegan German potato salad? Yes, please! Who would have thought that you could find such a gem of a recipe in meat-heavy German cuisine?  Easy to prepare, satisfying and refreshing. This easy German potato salad (Kartoffelsalat) with cucumber and dill is perfect when you need an uncomplicated dish.

Recipe provided by mydinner.co.uk.

5. Chickpea Kale Caesar Salad

chickpea kale Cesar salad

Chickpea Kale Caesar Salad comes together in under thirty minutes and uses protein-packed ingredients! Even better, it is dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly!

Recipe provided by theurbenlife.com

6. Fresh Fig and Feta Salad With Pomegranate

fig feta salad

This fresh fig and feta salad combines salty and sweet flavours brilliantly into a delicious meal. The addition of a balsamic honey dressing and the slightly sour taste of pomegranate seeds gives this salad an even bigger bouquet of flavours.

Recipe provided by thetastychilli.com

7. Sweet Pea Pesto Pasta Salad

pea pesto pasta salad

Greg is learning that one can make pesto with many different ingredients other than basil. Traditionally, pesto is made with basil, pine nuts, olive oil, garlic and pecorino cheese. However, in modern times, chefs have morphed this delicious sauce to include different ingredients such as peas.

Recipe provided by cravingtheyum.com

8. Colourful Grilled Steak Summer Salad Platter

steak platter salad

This colourful healthy summer salad is delicious and easy. Red ripe tomatoes, cool creamy avocado, crisp corn and robust garbanzo beans introduce many great textures. Lots of beautiful colours and fresh ingredients make it a show-stopper.

Recipe provided by homesteadingandhungry.com

9. Shaved Squash Salad

shaved squash summer salad

This salad is a great way to use up your garden bounty. I know everyone will be harvesting tons of summer squash, zucchini and tomatoes, and this salad highlights all of these favourite summer staples. 

Recipe provided by momthelunchlady.ca

10. Gluten-Free Taco Pasta Salad (Paleo)

taco pasta salad

This Gluten-Free Taco Pasta Salad is creamy, hearty, a little spicy, and the best side dish! Bold and hearty enough for any time of the year, this salad makes a great side dish, easy appetizer or light meal and the culinary experience unique and unforgettable!

Recipe provided by organicallyaddison.com

11. Beetroot Salad

beetroot salad

This extremely healthy summer salad takes the classic Aussie flavour and throws them into a quick and easy summer salad. Often beetroot salad contains goat cheese and walnuts. I have mixed things up by pairing beetroot and fetta with roasted pepita seeds to add crunch and texture. 

Recipe provided by aussiehomecook.com

12. Country-Style Potato Salad

country stype potato salad

The creator of this recipe says: “There’s an unspoken rule at every BBQ/cookout/picnic/family reunion: you must know who made the potato salad before you eat it. If your potato salad doesn’t have a super-flavorful pickle relish dressing and fluffy potatoes, then you need this recipe. With this Country-Style Potato Salad, you’ll not only be the star of the cookout, but you’ll also attain deity status.” We believe her; all her recipes are out of this world!

Recipe provided senseandedibility.com

13. Sesame Crusted Feta: A Delicious Mykonos Salad

sesame crusted feta salad

This salad is truly the perfect combination of fresh, vibrant summer fruits, delicious vegetables, and herbs. And, of course, the amazingly soft and salty bite of pan-fried feta cheese combined with the nuttiness of the roasted sesame seeds.

Recipe provided by blueworlddreams.com

14. Tasty Pumpkin and Feta Salad

pumpkin feta salad

The star of this salad is definitely the dressing. The maple syrup adds a subtle sweetness and lovely woodsy-ness that would be missing if you used honey or sugar instead. This goes wonderfully with the understated sweetness of the butternut pumpkin.

Recipe provided by teawithmum.com

15. Easy Watermelon Salad Recipe with Feta, Mint, Balsamic Dressing

watermelon salad

There’s nothing like biting into a juicy watermelon on a hot summer’s day. The taste brings back memories of picnics, beaches, and jumping through the sprinkler in the backyard. Watermelon is the perfect thirst-quenching fruit; it’s super hydrating and packed with vitamins A and C.

Recipe provided by plantfoodathome.com

16. Crunchy Kale Parmesan Salad

kale salad

A bright and citrusy Crunchy Kale Parmesan Salad with lemon juice, olive oil, and parmesan cheese is the perfect healthy salad for a picnic, BBQ, or a side dish, and it only takes 4 ingredients! If you are unsure of kale, this is a great recipe to break you in. The fresh lemon and olive oil in this salad soften the kale and brighten up this hearty vegetable. This healthy salad will make the perfect side dish for a summer BBQ, picnic, or dinner.

Recipe provided by emilyfabulous.com

17. Mediterranean Chickpea Salad with Kalamata Olive Salad Dressing

Mediterranean chickpea salad

This crisp summer salad topped with flavourful lemon Kalamata olive dressing makes the perfect appetizer or a main course. Great with grilled chicken or pistachio-crusted salmon on top!

Recipe provided by aubreyskitchen.com

18. Grilled Corn and Halloumi Salad

halloumi salad

This grilled corn and halloumi salad is the perfect side dish for your summer BBQs! Tender grilled corn, delicious grilled halloumi cheese, avocado, cilantro, and lime – minimal ingredients, full of flavour. Nothing beats a fresh grilled summer salad!

Recipe provided by girlwiththeironcast.com

19. Rice Salad With Chicken

rice salad

Rice salad with chicken is one of the easiest and quite delicious summer salads. Cooked rice with pickled Italian giardiniera gives this dish a fantastic twist.

Recipe provided by giangiskitchen.com

20. Strawberry Spinach Salad

strawberry spinach salad

This flavorful strawberry spinach summer salad (beautiful quadruple alliteration!) is an enjoyable dish that can be served year-round. It is a great side dish to pair with many different entrees. Serve with lunch or dinner, and your guests will love the amazing flavour and beautiful presentation.

Recipe provided by theartoffoodandwine.com

21. Burrata Salad

burrata salad

This is a tasty burrata salad recipe with sweetcorn and roasted tomatoes. It’s refreshing, nutritious and the burrata cheese makes it extra delicious. Perfect for special occasions!

Recipe provided by happyfoodstube.com

22. Strawberry Chicken Salad with Creamy Maple Dressing

chicken strawberry summer salad

This is a fantastic summer salad recipe because that’s when fresh strawberries are at their BEST. So let’s enjoy them while they are in season!

Recipe provided by deliciousonadime.com

23. Quick and Super Easy Chickpea Salad Recipe (Mediterranean Salad)

chickpea summer salad

This chickpea salad is so versatile you only need to make the chickpeas the star of this recipe, add different kinds of vegetables or fruits, and rotate them to have additional texture, flavour, and taste in the salad.

Recipe provided by therunningbaker24.com

24. Easy Summer Green Salad {keto, paleo, Whole30, AIP, vegan}

keto paleo salad

If you are looking for a simple salad to throw together for dinner quickly, look no further than this no-fuss, easy summer green salad!

Recipe provided by wholesomefamilyliving.com

25. Spinach Raspberry Salad with Balsamic Reduction

spinach raspberry salad

This fresh and vibrant recipe is the perfect summer salad side! This spinach raspberry salad is topped with almonds and shaved parmesan before being drizzled in a balsamic reduction. Simple and quick to make, it’s a delicious way to get the goodness in!

Recipe provided by biteontheside.com

26. Red Rice, Cherry, Baby Spinach, and Hazelnut Salad

red rice summer salad

This colourful summer salad is hearty, fresh, and filled with textures and combines salty and sweet just right. Great on its own or served with red meat. 

Recipe provided by foodnouveau.com

27. Keto Grilled Steak Salad

keto grilled stake salad

This keto salad can be served warm or cold. Grilled steak salad makes for some tasty leftovers, making it an ideal summertime meal for those days you don’t feel like cooking and just want to play.

Recipe provided by ketofocus.com

28. Delicious Berry Mandarin Tossed Salad

mandarin salad

There are occasions when it is good to feel refreshed by an excellent salad on a hot summer day. This berry and mandarin tossed salad is ideal for family picnics, potlucks, and other large gatherings. Check it out and see what you think!

Recipe provided by fluxingwell.com

29. Arugula Avocado Salad With Homemade Lime Vinaigrette

aragula avocado salad

The avocado in this salad pairs extremely well with the bold taste and spicy kick the arugula offers. Fresh juicy tomatoes and a homemade lime vinaigrette top off this salad to finish it off strong. 

Recipe provided by thesixfiguredish.com

30. Chickpea Feta Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing

tahini chickpea salad

Not only is this salad healthy and delicious, but it is incredibly hearty and can easily be eaten as a main for lunch. The chopped salad is delicious on its own, but it is the tahini lemon dressing that takes it to another level. The dressing is bright, creamy and adds a level of complexity to an otherwise simple dish.

Recipe provided by cookingwithcarbs.com

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and decided to give some of these quick summer salad recipes a go. Not only do they make a healthy family lunch or dinner on their own, but are beautiful, colourful and flavorful side dishes or can be prepared in advance for work/school lunch boxes.

Be safe, stay healthy and enjoy summer! Please remember to spread the word! Thank you!

Cover image credits: Unsplash

Easy Salads for Your Summer Detox

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