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rustic roasted potatoes with game sausages 49

How to Make Rustic Roasted Potatoes With Game Sausages

A Cosy Winter Dish Rustic roasted potatoes with game sausages or traditionally prepared meats are a regular dish in any Romanian restaurant, especially in Transylvania.I grew up in the magnificent city of Brașov, surrounded by mountains. The ski resort was only fifteen minutes away, so I would go up to the slops even without the intention to practise winter sports, but only for a hearty meal at one of the restaurants that would offer traditional foods. And take my word, there is no better, tastier and delicious food than the traditional Romanian!I had this dish with small and big game,...

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How To Make Homemade Chocolate From Scratch

The Best Chocolate Is Always Homemade! Homemade chocolate is the most delicious treat mom used to make when I was a child. Using simple ingredients and requiring little time and effort, homemade chocolate is easy to make from scratch, and the taste is divine! The velvety softness and aromas will make you fall in love with it and prefer it over the classical bars, guaranteed! Mom always saved it for special occasions, Christmas, Easter or birthdays, making it more desirable. These days, homemade chocolate would make a perfect Valentine’s Day treat or gift, or a unique addition to the special...

Valentine's day dessert recipes 59

Valentine’s Day. Why and How Do We Celebrate It?

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day? The world celebrates Valentine’s Day – the winter holiday of love – as a religious remembering of St Valentine, a Roman priest that married couples against Emperor Claudius’ order. Claudius was involved in endless wars with the enemies of the largest ancient empire and needed soldiers. In his vision, a soldier who had a wife and family was not reliable. So he declared marriage illegal. Valentine, a young priest in Umbria (Umbri, in Roman times), cared more about young love than he cared about an emperor’s orders and kept marrying couples secretly. In the...


Easy to Make Oatmeal Pancakes: A Healthy Breakfast for Your Sweetheart

A Special Breakfast for A Special Occasion How does spoiling your loved ones with flourless, refined sugar-free and fruity oatmeal pancakes sound? If not often – on special occasions, such as a birthday, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day? But we do love to spoil the ones we love, from young to old, and don’t even need special days for it! Whenever you feel like showing your love on a healthy plate, this breakfast recipe will do just that. Be assured that the beneficiary will appreciate and enjoy your effort! Healthy oatmeal pancakes are an excellent substitute for getting out of...

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How to Make the Softest Italian Pear and Almond Chocolate Cake

Valentine’s Day Delight or Daily Coffee Side? This Pear and Almond Chocolate Cake is a delicious and versatile dessert that works wonderfully both as an indulgent dessert to finish a romantic Valentine Day’s dinner AND as a side for your daily coffee(s). To the Italians, it is in most cases the latter, but that does not mean this pear and almond chocolate cake cannot make a perfect special occasion dessert. To me, it works the same way Tiramisù would: “wow!” And “can I have more, please?” Imagine the combination of delicate, soft and juicy pears and the crunchiness offered by...

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Walnut Snails Recipe Inspired by a Famous German Pastry

How the Walnut Snails Recipe Made It to Mom’s Recipe Book Mom’s walnut snails recipe is an adaptation of the Nussschnecken desert which is basically a sweet bun of Saxon origins, filled with nuts and cinnamon. Schnecken is the German word for snails, which suggests the unique shape of this finger-licking delicious walnut filled treats. Given Transylvania’s Saxon heritage, our cooking and especially baking have seen a tremendous German influence over the centuries.  When I was a child, mom’s best friend was a German lady who used to bake weekly. She would always invite us to keep her company while she was dancing...

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