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Rosemary Pita bread recipe 24

Pita Bread. Bake The Fun And Easy Way!

The Side of All Greek Appetisers and Mains There is no more straightforward recipe to bake nor yummier than pita bread! With origins going back to the Middle East’s first farming settlements, pita can be considered a prehistoric bread type.  Our ancestors used to bake this flatbread directly on the fire. Later, the stone ovens came into use. Today, we bake in the oven or fry it in little oil, depending on how much time and effort we put into preparing. In time, the method has changed, as has the name. Apparently, as its use spread through the Mediterranean, it...

Greek moussaka 21

How to Make Greek Moussaka the Easy Way

A Greek Dish With International Influences Greek moussaka is a must-have dish if you travel to Greece, just as it is proper to try Greek coffee or wine. The flavours are unique! As you sit on a tavern terrace and (preferably) enjoy a fabulous sea view, remember that the stress is on the last syllable when you ask the waiter for moussaka. Original from the Levant and updated by adding a posh French sauce, moussaka is known as a Greek dish, cooked with variations in most south-eastern Mediterranean and not only. Romanians and Bulgarian also love it. My recipe of...

Greek Salad with Feta Cheese 10

Greek Salad: Healthy, Nutritious and Easy to Make

A Gastronomic Tribute to Homer’s Mythical Heroes and Feta Cheese It is impossible to visit any part of Greece without eating at least one Greek Salad. I’ve had my fill almost everywhere, but I liked it better in Santorini. Not because the recipe was any different, but because the company was excellent!  I was spending one afternoon idling around the streets of Santorini with then my boyfriend Hotass (not his real name, just a nickname he acquired on a funny occurrence!) In the evening, we stopped at a tavern for dinner, while admiring a fabulous Mediterranean sunset over the Santorini Caldera....

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Rhodes, Greece. Love in the Times of Ancient Civilisations

Colossus. Glory And Oblivion Music: Amaranthine, Amaranthe  Movie: Colossus of Rhodes, a Sergio Leone classic Book: The King Must Die, Mary Renault “Ebele, come greet Croesus! He has come to arrange the transport for the archon’s order!” “Mother, I’m busy now. Tell Croesus I’ll speak with him later!” Ebele rushed to the pot of stale water to rinse her hands of clay before checking the kiln.  Dry clay covered her bare arms to the elbow. Her delicate face was also smeared in places. Many a time, Ebele would rub her forehead to wipe the perspiration without even thinking that she was elbow deep in wet clay....

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