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Valentine’s Day. Why and How Do We Celebrate It?

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day? The world celebrates Valentine’s Day – the winter holiday of love – as a religious remembering of St Valentine, a Roman priest that married couples against Emperor Claudius’ order. Claudius was involved in endless wars with the enemies of the largest ancient empire and needed soldiers. In his vision, a soldier who had a wife and family was not reliable. So he declared marriage illegal. Valentine, a young priest in Umbria (Umbri, in Roman times), cared more about young love than he cared about an emperor’s orders and kept marrying couples secretly. In the...


Easy to Make Oatmeal Pancakes: A Healthy Breakfast for Your Sweetheart

A Special Breakfast for A Special Occasion How does spoiling your loved ones with flourless, refined sugar-free and fruity oatmeal pancakes sound? If not often, at least on special occasions, such as a birthday or Valentine’s Day? Whenever you feel like showing your love on a healthy plate, this breakfast recipe will do just that. Be assured that the beneficiary will appreciate and enjoy your effort! Healthy oatmeal pancakes are an excellent substitute for getting out of your porridge routine; even more when the occasion is special. So why not spoil your sweetheart on a Valentine’s Day morning with some...

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What’s On Your New Year’s Eve Dinner Table?

Menu Ideas For The New Year’s Celebration On New Year’s Eve, we all stay up and celebrate the end of a year and are hopeful for the new one. As it has been since times immemorial, the celebration always involves food and drinks, music, dancing and a hefty amount of joy. The New Year’s Eve dinner is one of the most important of the entire year. We invest time and effort to make it look and taste perfect so that at midnight we celebrate in style with our loved ones. Today, people pay more attention to what they eat and...

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