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Quick and Easy Summer Berry Tart

A Modern Twist on a Fruit Tart With a History There is no easier cake to make than a summer berry tart! If you have less than an hour to spare and berries to use, then simply throw a handful of ingredients into a bowl, mix, bake, prepare a pudding at high speed and decorate with whatever fresh fruits you might have in the fridge. The exquisite taste and attractive decoration will get you points for creativity when you serve this tart, and nobody will ever know how rushed you were to bake it. We are used to living life...

iced coffee 27

20 Iced Coffee Recipes To Make in Summer

Iced Coffees for Hot Days A legend says we have to thank the African goats (not the gods!) for giving us coffee since the said animals apparently discovered the goodness of the tiny beans long before humans had made coffee generally accepted and consumed all over the planet. To think that it only took half a millennia for a tiny bean to become probably the most acknowledged social drink! And in Europe, it almost did not make it at all, since the priests who first tasted it when it arrived in Venice declared it “Satan’s bitter invention!” Thank god a...

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Ladyfinger Strawberry Cheesecake Easy Recipe

No-Bake Summer Fruit Cheesecake Ladyfinger strawberry cheesecake is the easiest and quickest no-bake cake to make with fresh fruits in season. Historically, the Greeks baked cheesecake millennia before New York made famous the non-bake version. Although I am a history buff, I have catalogued this recipe as Italian because the cheeses and biscuits I used were Italian. A quick Google search will indicate that using ladyfinger biscuits in baking is considered artistry and an elaborate delicacy. That is perhaps due to the one-thousand-year history of these tiny, delicate biscuits and their use at the European royal courts.  I use Savoiardi...

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