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Healthy Vegan, Gluten-free Chilli Sin Carne

Mexican Food Adapted to Various Dietary Needs Chilli sin carne is an adapted, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free version of the world-famous Mexican dish chilli con carne (simple disambiguation for non-Spanish speakers: sin=without, con=with, carne=meat.) In Spanish, el chile means hot pepper, which would be the prominent flavour of this dish (in slang, it has a more offensive meaning, but we’ll keep with the cooking side!) Please do not mistake it for the South American country Chile, though! The word has variations for American English (chili, pl. chilies/chilis) and British English (chilli, pl. chillies/chillis. Source: Merriam-Webster, accessed 30/04/2021). Since I live in the...

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