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Istanbul Twilight 35

Istanbul. The Night’s Mistress On The Golden Horn

The Spell of Twilight Music: Nemo, Nightwish Movie: The Promise (2016) Book: The Bastard of Istanbul, Elif Shafak There are those places in the world that are impossible to grasp in one sentence, see in one day, or ever forget. Istanbul is one of them. Stretched on two continents, Europe and Asia, at the mouth of Bosporus Strait that connects The Black Sea to The Sea of Marmara, the city sits on layers of history layers. Istanbul is a tempting mistress that wraps you in her voluptuous mystery like an alluring siren’s song. Wherever you turn your head, the skyline is bristled by hundreds...

Amathus Limassol Cyprus Mediterranean 31

Limassol, Cyprus. Where Will Your Love Story Find You?

Ignis Music: Corazón Espinado, Carlos Santana Movie: Genius: Einstein (Season 1) Book: Killing Pythagoras, Marcos Chicot In the middle of the eastern Mediterranean, lies an island divided between Greece and Turkey. Cyprus was populated by a thriving civilisation as far back as the Neolithic era. Greeks, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Persians, a certain young Macedonian king who set to rule the entire known world, Romans, Arabs, Turks and post-colonialist Brits conquered or occupied it throughout millennia.  Cyprus is today a place where the marks left by history are still present and beautifully preserved. A place where different nationalities have learnt to live in relative peace with...

Rhodes Greece Mediterranean Beach Holiday Europe Travel Destinations 17

Rhodes, Greece. Love in the Times of Ancient Civilisations

Colossus. Glory And Oblivion Music: Amaranthine, Amaranthe  Movie: Colossus of Rhodes, a Sergio Leone classic Book: The King Must Die, Mary Renault “Ebele, come greet Croesus! He has come to arrange the transport for the archon’s order!” “Mother, I’m busy now. Tell Croesus I’ll speak with him later!” Ebele rushed to the pot of stale water to rinse her hands of clay before checking the kiln.  Dry clay covered her bare arms to the elbow. Her delicate face was also smeared in places. Many a time, Ebele would rub her forehead to wipe the perspiration without even thinking that she was elbow deep in wet clay....

Tut's mortuary mask 28

Cairo, Egypt. Wonders of Antiquity Under The Saharan Sun

Perfection Music: Hospital For Souls, Bring Me The Horizon Movie: The English Patient, the best Oscar movie ever! Book: Transylvanian Sunrise, Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon (you will find the connection!) Deck three is situated just above the water level. From my cabin, I can hear the waves hitting the outer shell. I can also hear the echoing, trudging hum of the engine that drags the cruise ship through the dark blue waters of the Mediterranean. The innards of the monster growl painfully, yet the beast is not defeated! Last night, the Captain announced through the ship’s PA that one...

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