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An Autumn Walk in Time. Born in October

Nature Is at Its Most Beautiful in Its Dying Hour We all love an autumn walk, to drag our feet through the rustling carpet of colourful leaves bedding a forest path in fall. Ochre, crimson, copper or brown, depending on what stage of decomposing they were when they fell from the trees, the dead leaves work their magic on us.  We greedily take in the soothing feeling selflessly provided by nature, the bit of sanity so much needed and the escape provided by a few hours hike to recharge our batteries. We selfishly don’t give anything back, though. We walk,...

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Time Travel

“Meet Me on a Starship!” Three years ago, my friend decided to die. He said he’d had enough; eighty-six was plenty of time spent in this world and needed some rest from it. A week later, he was gone, just like that. It was not the first time I saw someone setting their mind on departing and succeeding. I had seen it before in old age. All seems good, and suddenly people decide enough is enough. In a few days, their bodies shut down quietly, and they pass peacefully. I was amazed at first. I thought humans have no control...

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What Do You Learn When You Travel Abroad?

Proverbs – Colloquialism Or Popular Wisdom What do you learn when you travel abroad, really? In preparation, you might do some research about the place you decided to visit. About the country, in general, the regions you intend to see, cities, villages, beaches, mountains. You check flights and accommodation deals, possibly car rentals. What is the weather like? What should you see and do in the place(s) you plan to visit?  You might read a bit about the local history, geography, culture. Indeed, you will do some research about food and drinks, night-life, museums opening hours, local currency and exchange...

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