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Halloween 101. Reasons to Throw a Ghoulish Bash!

Release the Ghosts! The Americans alone spend $9 billion on Halloween. It puts famine into perspective! Those familiar with my posts would understand why my face “fell off” when I read this fact in a news article. My otherwise fierce courage deserted me in my hour of need: I dared not look for a global statistic. I care about my face! 😄 Well, I understand societal consumerism and the urge to party for whatever reason, and I get it even more in the fateful (first) year of the pandemic. I accept both reasons even when they apply to nations that...

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A Walk in Time. Born in October

Ice Age Old We all love an autumn walk and dragging our feet through the rustling carpet of colourful leaves bedding a forest path in fall. Ochre, crimson, copper or brown, depending on what decomposing stage they were when they fell from the trees, the dead leaves work their magic on us.  We greedily take in the soothing feeling selflessly provided by nature, the bit of sanity so much needed, and the escape provided by a few hours hike to recharge our batteries. We selfishly don’t give anything back, though. We walk, drag our feet, pick a chlorophyll-deprived leaf and...

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About Time Travel: Meet Me on a Starship!

What Do We Know? “Meet me on a starship!” my friend told me five years ago when he decided to die. He said he’d had enough; eighty-six was plenty of time spent in this world and needed some rest from it. A week later, he was gone, just like that. It was not the first time I saw someone setting their mind on departing and succeeding; I had seen it before in old age. All seems good, and suddenly people decide enough is enough. In a few days, their bodies shut down quietly, and they pass peacefully. I was amazed...

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What Do You Learn When You Travel Abroad?

Foreign Languages Proverbs – Colloquialism Or Popular Wisdom Do you really have to speak foreign languages when you travel abroad? With today’s technology, translation is always at hand on your mobile. Although being fluent in all the languages of all the countries you are visiting would make you a candidate for the Nobel Price nomination! This post may contain affiliate links, which means I will receive a commission if you purchase through my links at no extra cost to you. Please read the full disclosure for more information. Thank you! But what do you learn when you travel abroad, really? In preparation,...

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