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Greeting words in foreign languages Travel Abroad 67

What Do You Learn When You Travel Abroad?

Foreign Languages Proverbs – Colloquialism Or Popular Wisdom Do you really have to speak foreign languages when you travel abroad? With today’s technology, translation is always at hand on your mobile. Although being fluent in all the languages of all the countries you are visiting would make you a candidate for Nobel Price nomination! But what do you learn when you travel abroad, really? In preparation, you might do some research about the place you decided to visit. About the country, in general, the regions you intend to see, cities, villages, beaches, mountains. You check flights and accommodation deals, possibly...

Italian Ciabatta bread 27

Make the Best Italian Ciabatta Bread

Rustic Ciabatta: Our Daily Bread from the Eighties Bread might be one of the oldest foods created by humans, but people will always invent new varieties, especially the French or Italians. It is the case of rustic Italian ciabatta, our daily loaf from the eighties, which at nearly fifty is one of the youngest assortments of bread that found worldwide fame in just a few years from being invented.  How has the delicious slipper-shaped bread with a smooth, crisp crust and porous, slightly humid interior come to be? It seems we owe it to the Italian rally pilot turned miller,...

Amathus Limassol Cyprus Mediterranean 31

Limassol, Cyprus. Where Will Your Love Story Find You?

Ignis Music: Corazón Espinado, Carlos Santana Movie: Genius: Einstein (Season 1) Book: Killing Pythagoras, Marcos Chicot In the middle of the eastern Mediterranean, lies an island divided between Greece and Turkey. Cyprus was populated by a thriving civilisation as far back as the Neolithic era. Greeks, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Persians, a certain young Macedonian king who set to rule the entire known world, Romans, Arabs, Turks and post-colonialist Brits conquered or occupied it throughout millennia.  Cyprus is today a place where the marks left by history are still present and beautifully preserved. A place where different nationalities have learnt to live in relative peace with...

Tiramisu Italian Recipe 49

How to Make the Best Ever Classic Tiramisù

A Finger-Licking Delicious Italian Dessert Disclaimer: If you are old enough to drink, you should always drink responsibly! A while ago, I came across this book: Every Day Is A Holiday, by George Mahood. The author, a family man, had an epiphany that people invented or created lots of holidays connected to something meaningful. The entire calendar, all 360 days of it, consists of something significant enough that deserves recognition. So, Mahood celebrated every day for a whole year. Anything is worth revelling, from Zombie Day on the first of January to Oopsie Daisy Day, Awkward Moments Day, Work Naked Day, No...

Rhodes Greece Mediterranean Beach Holiday Europe Travel Destinations 17

Rhodes, Greece. Love in the Times of Ancient Civilisations

Colossus. Glory And Oblivion Music: Amaranthine, Amaranthe  Movie: Colossus of Rhodes, a Sergio Leone classic Book: The King Must Die, Mary Renault “Ebele, come greet Croesus! He has come to arrange the transport for the archon’s order!” “Mother, I’m busy now. Tell Croesus I’ll speak with him later!” Ebele rushed to the pot of stale water to rinse her hands of clay before checking the kiln.  Dry clay covered her bare arms to the elbow. Her delicate face was also smeared in places. Many a time, Ebele would rub her forehead to wipe the perspiration without even thinking that she was elbow deep in wet clay....

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