Istanbul, Turkey. The Night’s Mistress on the Golden Horn

The Spell of Twilight

Istanbul Hagia Sophia Towers
Image: Fatih Yurur, Unsplash

Music: Nemo, Nightwish

Movie: The Promise (2016)

Book: The Bastard of Istanbul, Elif Shafak

There are those places in the world that are impossible to grasp in one sentence, see in one day, or ever forget. Istanbul is one of them.

Stretched on two continents, Europe and Asia, at the mouth of Bosporus Strait that connects The Black Sea to The Sea of Marmara, the city sits on layers of history layers. Istanbul is a tempting mistress that wraps you in her voluptuous mystery like an alluring siren’s song.

Wherever you turn your head, the skyline is bristled by hundreds of years old minarets. In an ingenious architectural twist, next to them found their place modern skyscrapers erected after the most recent earthquake.

Topkapi Palace Istanbul The Sultan's Palace
Image: Arif Yasa, Pixabay

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On the narrow streets in the historical centre, you will meet an older man pushing uphill his cart filled with cherries or sweets. You won’t resist his charming toothless smile, a lot of gesturing and Turkish that makes no sense to you that translates into an invitation to spend a few coins on his ware. And what a tasty one it is! You will congratulate yourself on purchasing it. 

Students, businessmen and women flood the wide boulevards, walking about with purpose. Not to mention the ever-present, colourful and rowdy traffic, be it on roads or maritime. 

Istanbul is one of the most eclectic cities in Europe. However, it is precisely the variety, the blend of ancient and modern, of meagre and wealthy, of crammed and wide-open spaces that makes it so attractive to tourists.

Istanbul Grand Bazaar, narghile stand
Image: Emahmuzlu, Pixabay

All the hours of the day are not enough for what this place has to offer. One moment you are haggling for some item you don’t even need in the Grand Bazaar. You will even lose your bearings in the medley of colour, scent and clamour and end up forgetting what you wanted to buy in the first place.

The next minute you find yourself in Topkapi, a sumptuous palace, learning about some potent sultan and the hundred concubines he kept in his royal harem. Or you might visit one of the numerous other palaces and castles scattered around the city.  

Hagia Sophia Istanbul Turkey
Image: Ozcan Adiyaman, Unsplash

You will discover a sense of belief even if you are not religious when you marvel at the engineering splendour of the Hagia Sophia. 

You will get swallowed by the swarming hive Istanbul is in daylight, but most of all, you will love to surrender to the sensuousness of the nightlife in the city that knows no sleep.

I was not immune to any of it. And this is another memoir.

The Mistress On The Golden Horn

This summer, the cruise ship I work on docks in Istanbul for two nights precisely to give the passengers (and the crew) a chance to see as much as possible of the galore the city has to offer.

The tours we sell onboard would cover most of the main tourist attractions and sightseeing. Then, if you have any energy left, you are free to go out at night and witness something like a parallel dimension. 

Bosporus Golden Horn Istanbul
Image: Alp Cem, Pixabay

The energy conundrum solves itself the minute you find yourself past the security gate. All of a sudden, the tiredness of a long working day (in my case, spent chiefly on tours after an early morning dispatch) dissolves miraculously as if I just woke up after a resting nap instead of roaming the city in the heat of the summer for over twelve hours. 

I swear this place has tremendous power to recharge your batteries once you step out on firm land. 

One evening, as I was preparing to close the office, the phone rang.

“Don’t go to the staff mess for dinner. I’m taking you out tonight!”

It was the mellow voice of Jay, a young grandfather of forty-eight from Goa, the manager of a busy department on board. 


My voice seeps with disbelief at his ability to find time to go out, not to mention restaurant reservations. I hear a soft chuckle before he hangs up.

Galata Neighbourhood Istanbul
Image: Sinasi Muldur, Pixabay

I’ve known him for some time—an educated, attractive and charming man. 

Some of our mutual friends say we’re perfect for each other; I don’t know. When you spend months on end in a relatively small environment, a crew of a thousand people become a tight-knit family away from home. 

One gets to know almost everybody; friendships form quickly, as do relationships. Besides, as in any small community, everybody knows everybody else’s business and gossiping becomes a great entertainment source among the crew. 

So, I agree with those who tell me we are perfect for each other, and that’s about it. What I am sure of is that I cannot force butterflies in my stomach. Couples chemistry is a funny thing sometimes.

I contemplate all this as I walk to the gangway, clad in a black dress and high heels. 

Ever the gentleman, Jay is already waiting in the lobby, smartly dressed and charming the lady security officers on duty. His eyes were already set on me when I spotted him. His smile, equally charming, produces more giggling that doesn’t stop as I get closer. 

A few passing by crew members wave at me; others show a hopeful thumb up. The Nepalese ladies of the Security team wish us a pleasant evening; their giggles linger even after we’re off the ship.

Jay offers me a hand to help manage the inclined gangway, not so practical for high heels. 

Now that the colleagues who saw us seem happy that we are finally going out and the gossip machine is churning merrily, all that is needed is some universe intervention to get the said butterflies fluttering. With some luck, the city will work her magic.

Before I ask how far we have to walk, a taxi stops right at the terminal’s gate, and Jay opens the back door for me. The car joins the heavy traffic towards the quaint neighbourhood of Galata. It seems all of Istanbul is going out, and it is not even Friday.

The Golden Horn seems dreamlike in the flashing neon lights.

The restaurant Jay picked is on top of a skyscraper. He flashes his charming smile at the hostess who starts undulating her hips in a well-rehearsed walk down to a table for two on the terrace. 

Ataturk Bridge, Istanbul. Golden Horn Between Europe And Asia
Image: Alp Cem, Pixabay

The view of Istanbul gleaming her myriad of lights at night renders me speechless. 

Jay’s smile widens. Check! Or so he thinks.

“You are way too busy. Who did you pay to make this reservation for you?” I ask him.

He casually places the silk napkin on his lap, his smile never faltering. I have to admit that it is his most attractive feature, together with a sexy pair of dimples and penetrating brown eyes. 

“Does it matter?”

“Not really. Well done, you!”

The waiter is a Portuguese girl, very professional and informative. As soon as we make our choices, a Turkish sommelier presents a wine menu. I prefer dry red, but we settle for white, given our meal selection. 

Conversation with Jay flows smoothly. The atmosphere is electric, and I should have my eyes set on his gorgeous smile, but the city’s magnetism is hard to resist. 

All too often, my eyes turn to caress the mysterious shadows strangely illuminated by the free-flowing fluorescent beams.  

So does Jay, admitting that picking Istanbul for the momentous decision of asking me out (we both nearly choke with laughter!) was a no-brainer. 

By midnight, we leave the elegant but cosy skyscraper terrace and walk to the first club that comes our way. Just before we hear the hubbub, we join some of our colleagues heading in the same direction. The feeling of meeting familiar faces in a place where you know nobody is so heartening!

Even the club security’s awkward occurrence asking one of the boys to show an ID becomes a hilarious moment. We all know he’s twenty-eight. Lucky bastard! The same security guard discarded me with half a look. It made me feel like seventy-two, not the other way around! 

I’m adamant that age is just a number, and I say this to Jay, who bursts into hearty laughter. Other than some grey strands at his temples, the man does not show his years at all. He laughs because I’m about half his age and concerned about it, even if I state the opposite.

I keep teasing that he is the real reason the damn guard did not bother to ask me for ID. Jay pretends to like the banter. 

The club is the exact opposite of the luxurious restaurant. The upbeat pop replaced the elegant classical music and a blinding strobe the dim lights. 

The city’s multifaceted appeal is not lost on me. I love the ease with which one can find or lose an identity here. One minute you are seeping wine in a high-end restaurant; the next, you are drinking beer from a bottle while leaning onto the people next to you who lean on others farther away and so on. 

The club is unbelievably crowded. If somebody threw a needle, it would fall on the floor hours later. Everybody holds a drink and sings out loud in unison to whatever song the DJ plays. The uproar is earsplitting; the dancing a conjoint rippling. 

We give up and walk to a quieter cocktail bar, not far from the rowdy club, in less than an hour. Later in the week, we heard that other colleagues from the ship ended up paying four hundred dollars for a regular bottle of champagne at gunpoint in some crazy club in the city. 

No drama ruined our night out. Just languid sensuousness and slightly intoxicated senses in the light breeze past the twilight hour and one cocktail bar after another until the first rays of dawn.

Bosporus tavern on the beach, Istanbul
Image: Pixabay

It is close to four in the morning as we walk along the Bosporus, back to the cruise ship. Surprisingly, we find an open tavern with a few tables placed right on the shore.

Breakfast on the Golden Horn’s promenade seems the wisest decision of the moment. After all, the staff mess does not come complete with waves crashing at our feet and covered by a divine canvas of dark purple and pink hues that slowly extinguish the stars’ flickering. It is indeed a much better alternative for breakfast and one last opportunity to extract one more drop of the city’s charm.

I did hope that the night would work its magic – and it did. I did fall! I did get butterflies galore. Alas, not for the man. 

Istanbul, the alluring mistress, kept true to her reputation and worked her magic on me. I was forever ensnared under her spell. 

Jay knows but has the grace not to show it.

Before the city that never sleeps pulls the gauzy veil that magically metamorphoses the darkness into light, we take a stroll back to the ship.

The quotidian life continues as if no magic interrupted it. It is back to business, back to responsibilities. 

Grand Bazaar Istanbul
Image: Polat Dover, Pixabay

To me, it means some office work and dispatching Istanbul-day-two tours. Possibly jump on one of the buses and get lost in some museum galleries, if not disappear for a few hours to recheck the Bazaar. I will have to return in the afternoon to send more passengers on the excursions they bought. 

Most likely, I will end day two in the city, accompanying an evening tour to a belly dancing show and dinner. One of my many guilty pleasures in Istanbul. Alongside getting lost in the Grand Bazaar.

The alluring mistress has uncanny ways to uphold her spell.

Tomorrow, the ship will set sail to Rhodes. Who knows what story awaits on the beautiful Greek island?

The Spell of Twilight

The World Is An Oyster

Working as a journalist during university was pretty exciting. But landing a cruise ship job barely a year in my new graduate career was something else! Overnight, I moved from an already exhilarating job to an even better one. One that would allow me to wake up every morning in a different country. What more can a twenty-something wish for? The fact that I was fluent in a few languages helped. It made it easier to obtain the position I was seeking at the Shore Excursions department. Apart from dispatching tours in the morning and selling tickets in the evening, I would spend nearly every day on different trips. I did this a few years, spending half a year onboard and about two months at home. I enjoyed it immensely. I met fascinating people from all over the Globe and collected memories to last me a lifetime. Not to mention that I received a salary for seeing all those magnificent places the Earth has to offer! In an ideal world, everybody should live as they want. For me, that would translate into travel, then travel some more and keep travelling!

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42 Responses

  1. Daniel Ng says:

    Turkey looks amazing. What are the best months to visit?

    • It’s quite hot in the summer, but that’s the fun of it. You can be out all night! The cruise ship was in Istanbul over the summer, so that was fine for me. I expect it gets cold in the winter. It depends on what you are looking for.

  2. Larissa says:

    Your pictures are gorgeous! What a magical place to visit!

  3. Nora says:

    Loved your article! It makes you want to travel again so badly! Those pics are wonderful!

  4. Hadassah says:

    I have never been to Istanbul but after reading your post I have a great desire to visit. I enjoy so much reading your post. The photos are gorgeous!

  5. Joanna says:

    Girl, I want your job so bad! I cannot imagine anything better than working on a cruise ship and docking in all these amazing locations. I spend a few days in Istanbul too many years ago to remember. I would love to go back. You’re right, it is one of the most amazing cities in the world.

    • Aww, that’s so sweet! Just so you know, it was not always fun, but most of the time it was:)))) It is a job best to have when you’re young and free (and careless, hehe). But I never say never. When I’ll be old and free (and won’t give a damn hehe) I might go back. I am pretty sure I’ll see everything with different eyes, too!:)

  6. Mike says:

    I am heading there in June. Looking forward to seeing all these sights. Thanks.

  7. Jeannie says:

    beautiful majestic photos! I would also love to pass security when going in to a bar. Thanks for sharing Istanbul has a lot to offer and I would love to walk around the place with a power bank charger just in case.

  8. Sarah Styf says:

    This is a lovely account of a night out in a city I would so love so see someday. And it’s also a great story of a first date 🙂

  9. Sarah says:

    I would love to be able to visit there someday. Thanks for writing such a great post. It was fun to read!

  10. Cathy says:

    I really enjoyed reading this! You are a wonderful writer!

  11. Linda Egeler says:

    I love the way your voice shines through when you write. Istanbul does seem like magical place!

  12. Adrian says:

    This is a charming and well-written post. I always wonder what goes on with the crew on the cruises we take. It’s hard work, but I imagine they take time out for a bit of fun. I would love to visit Istanbul, it sounds magical!

  13. Turkey has been on my list of places to travel for years. Your story certainly brings it to life in my mind. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Your writing inspires me!

  14. So beautiful! Bucket list for sure!

  15. I love being able to live vicariously through your writing, since travelling never seems to be in the cards for me. Istanbul is a beautiful city and I would love to be able to go one day.

  16. Lindsay says:

    Sounds very magical all around! A night in Istanbul would definitely be a fabulous memory!

  17. Aditi Jain says:

    I have always wanted to travel to Turkey. These pictures are sooo amazing. Thanks for sharing this article.

  18. I love Istanbul! It is one of my favorite places. I love everything about it: the walks in the city, the amazing food, and the delicious treats like Turkish coffee and Turkish delight… I always try to stop by on my way home, though sadly this year I won’t be able to.

  19. Honestly, this story was so captivating I didn’t want it to end! I love the way you describe your date with Jay and how you hoped for butterflies but instead fell in love with Istanbul. It was just a fun read as makes me want to visit someday!

  20. We really enjoyed reading this, thank you for visiting our blog and commenting! Istanbul is somewhere we want to visit and this made it sound like a really interesting and from the photos beautiful! It sounds like you had a great night out anyway.

  21. Laia Feliu says:

    I had never paid much attention to Istanbul but oh my! It looks amazing!! Straight into my bucket list!!

  22. Nathalia says:

    Lovely writing. I would love to go to Turkey!

    Nathalia | NathaliaFit – Fitness & Wellness Blog

  23. Steph says:

    What a great story! We went to Turkey a few years ago but we never quite made it to Istanbul, something that needs to be changed I think!

  24. Jamie Sharpe says:

    Awesome, I miss Istanbul!

  25. Demi says:

    I visited Istanbul few years ago. Had an amazing time. Love the Bosphorus cruise. Great post and very well you have put all the information nicely. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Istanbul is every traveler’s delight. Be it History, Culture, Nature and Cuisine it is mesmerizing. Of all the places I visited, Istanbul will always remain special that we visited almost 8 years back. I always dream of going back there again some day.

  27. Emma says:

    Such a dreamy place! On my bucket list

  28. Daniella says:

    I’m so intrigued by Istanbul and you’re totally right it’s just one of those places that can’t be explained in one sentence or explored in a day – you need time to truly wander through this fascinating place. Thanks for sharing – I’ll be saving for my future trip!

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