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Scotland Staycation. How to Make the Best of A Messed Up Year

Vacation Versus Staycation A Scotland staycation was the easiest choice to make this summer to avoid all the mess that implied airports, location forms, booking and paying for a million tests to prove what: that one has the freedom to travel? Funny concept, freedom! Staycation is a noun that enriched the English dictionary in the first year of the pandemic. Its meaning can be debatable since many insist it implies staying at home and not travelling anywhere. To me, staycation means not travelling abroad. If I don’t cross an international border and I’m not drinking a cappuccino somewhere in Capri,...

British mince pies 41

The Most Mouthwatering Christmas Treats: British Mince Pies

A Tradition In Name Only As a migrant who settled in the UK, of course, I got to learn and appreciate local traditions. But I remember staying away from mince pies for several years. The reason? I did not get why a meaty thing would be placed in a pastry sheet and have sugar sprinkled on top! My prejudice wilted when I decided it was time to do some research and get to the bottom of the story!  It turned up they were only called mince pies because, historically, they would contain minced meat (mainly mutton). In time, dry fruits...

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