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Amalfi Coast Italy Spaghetti with clams Italian Pasta Recipe 13

Make the Best Spaghetti With Clams – Pasta All’Amalfitana

An Amalfi Coast Special Disclaimer: If you have a shellfish allergy, do not follow this recipe! But you can still enjoy reading the story! South of Naples, in the charming Campania region of Italy, there is a world-famous road called Amalfi Coast Drive. Stretching a little over thirty miles From Positano to Vietri Sul Mare, the magnificent Amalfi Coast is nothing but breathtaking scenery. The narrow road bends at various altitudes, from sea level to hundreds of metres up on cliffs. You get the feeling that you hover over the azure abys of the Tyrrhenian Sea, part of the broader...

Venice Italy Carnival Mask 16

Venice. The Jewel Of The Adriatic

Game of Masks Music: Winter in July, Sarah Brightman Movie: Pane e Tulipani (Bread and Tulips) Book: The Honest Courtesan, Margaret Rosenthal  For the entire summer, the cruise ship docks in Venice for three days every three weeks. A few minutes stroll through a sea of tourists that swarm the city in the summer months takes me to Piazza San Marco.  Even closer to the pier is an extension of the Giardini della Biennale, called Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi. My favourite quiet place in Venice. Here, I like to spend time alone with a book, sitting on one of the benches strewn along the shaded alley.  Most...

Caprese Salad 4

Make A Quick And Easy Caprese Salad

Simple Is Beautiful and Delicious! As the name implies, this fresh, delicious and easy to make dish originates from the amazing island of Capri, the pearl of the Mediterranean. It might seem a humble dish, but it is one of Italy’s favourites. And we love it too! The Italians take pride in considering it a homage to their flag: green, white and red served on a plate. Caprese is ready in minutes and brings the unforgettable taste of a holiday in the sun. Just think of that insane blue sea, the elegant hotels, the cypress trees. Feel the fragrance of...

Alexandria Egypt 12

Alexandria. The African City Of Alexander The Great

Taste of a City Music: There’s a Storm a’Coming, Richard Hawley Movie: King Tut                                                                      Book: The Fires of Alexandria, Thomas K. Carpenter. The Amun Chamber, Daniel Leston I don’t remember seeing a dark cloud in the skies of Alexandria. I wonder if it ever rains in this urban oasis at the fringe of the Sahara Desert. I’m up on the open deck to watch the ship drop anchor and to check the weather. As expected, it is another sizzling day. The Millennium docks in Alexandria only once a month this summer. I would typically jump on a tour bus to...

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