25 Easy Pasta Recipes Ready In Under Half an Hour

Easy Pasta Paradise

Pasta is one of the most versatile, easy to make and delicious meals humankind should thank the Italians for inventing and spreading worldwide! Every nation must have heard of and made pasta at some point or in some form, even if adapted to specific regional or cultural circumstances.

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Traditionally, pasta is associated with Italy, although there are mentions of similar foods in the Far East or the Greek mythology going back many thousands of years.

It does not matter if you are looking to impress someone on a special occasion or have limited time to cook for your family at the end of a busy day. Pasta will always be the right choice and will never fail to awe.

A thing about carbs: the West seems obsessed with reducing/eliminating them from the diet in a desperate hope to live healthier. Paradoxically, the Italians eat pasta every evening and still manage to live a long, healthy life. Perhaps we need to look elsewhere and let the poor carbs be (part of our diet!)

If you need more reassurance, look for Down to Earth With Zac Efron on Netflix and search for the episode filmed in Sardinia. It might change your perception of carbs. It changed Efron’s opinion, and the guy is not just a pretty face; he has learnt a thing or two while filming this documentary series.

So pasta it is! The variations to the classic recipes are probably endless. Still, I have chosen an array of excellently explained and executed easy pasta recipes for this post, effortless to follow and ready in half an hour or less. Only a few will require ten or fifteen additional minutes of precious time, but rest assured, you will not feel sorry for going the extra mile!

At the end of the post, you will find beneficial information on pairing your chosen pasta with wine to make a simple dinner truly successful!

Have fun reading and, more importantly, enjoy eating! Hasta la pasta!

  1. Spaghetti With Clams (Spaghetti alle Vongole All’Amalfitana)
spaghetti alle vongole all'amalfitana

Recipe provided by https://theworldisanoyster.com/

Enjoy it with a sparkling white and a good story of the world-famous Amalfi Coast, the place of this recipe’s origins! Ah, how dreamy sounds a plate of vongole somewhere in Positano… Oh, well, the kitchen will have to do for now!

2. Healthy Salmon Stroganoff Pasta

salmon stroganoff pasta

Recipe provided by https://www.momthelunchlady.ca/

Why not try fish pasta with a delicious dill sauce? Healthy, filling, delicious – all in one plate.

3. Fresh Basil and Cherry Tomato Pasta

basil and cherry tomato pasta

Recipe provided by https://therunningbaker24.com/

Aromatic and requiring just a handful of ingredients, this dish provides the necessary carb load to a trained runner, according to the recipe provider. But we all love it!

4. Penne Alla Vodka With Pancetta

penne alla Vodka with pancetta

Recipe provided by https://cookingwithcarbs.com/

Why not give a Vodka kick to a simple cream and tomato sauce for a romantic pasta dinner? You know you want to!

5. Pasta Alla Gricia

pasta alla gricia

Recipe provided by https://www.the-bella-vita.com/

An authentic Roman pasta with a history going back to antiquity is something worth trying. After all, this is where and how it all started.

6. Chicken Thyme Pasta

thyme chicken pasta

Recipe provided by https://www.cookedbyjulie.com/

Are you looking for a successful date night meal? Look no further; this is your chance to impress!

7. Vegetarian Greek Spaghetti

vegetarian Greek spaghetti

Recipe provided by https://greenbowl2soul.com/

Suiting specific dietary styles and bringing diverse cuisines together, this fusion summer pasta is ideal for picnics or potlucks.

8. Cajun Chicken Alfredo

Cajun chicken alfredo pasta

Recipe provided by https://theoregondietitian.com/

Perhaps you would like to try a hot world-famous with a twist by following this healthy recipe!

9. Penne Arrabbiata

penne arrabbiata

Recipe provided by https://www.christinascucina.com/

This is another authentic Italian recipe, a hot pasta easy to make and my all-time favourite!

10. Vegan One Pot Pasta

vegan pot pasta

Recipe provided by https://runningonrealfood.com/

Nutritious, budged friendly and easy to make, this is a pasta dish that can be easily customised to your taste!

11. Instant Pot Pasta Primavera

instant pot pasta primavera

Recipe provided by https://www.corriecooks.com/

You might become addicted to this recipe; trust an instant pot fan!

12. Creamy Garlic Shrimp Pasta

garlic shrimp pasta

Recipe provided by https://littlesunnykitchen.com/

This sumptuous recipe is every pasta lover’s dream come true – take it from a trained chef! I know I’m already craving it!

13. Gluten-Free Fettuccine Alfredo

gf fettuccine alfredo

Recipe provided by https://strengthandsunshine.com/

Vegan and allergy-free, this is your perfect super rapid dinner – creamy and delicious!

14. One Pot Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

chicken cordonbleu pasta

Recipe provided by https://www.wenthere8this.com/

The ultimate comfort food can make a perfect weeknight dinner – see for yourself!

15. Spicy Vodka Sauce Pasta

gigi hadid vodka pasta

Recipe provided by https://seasonandthyme.com/

The rich and famous eat carbs, too! They even inspire us mere mortals to do the same! Check this cute cooking story and delicious recipe.

16. Vegan Lentil Meatballs

vegan lentil meaytballs

Recipe provided by https://thedaringkitchen.com/

This is a fabulous, right up my alley side dish that goes perfectly with pasta! A must-make, surely!

17. Pasta Aglio e Olio

pasta aglio e olio

Recipe provided by https://thishealthykitchen.com/

Garlic and oil pasta is the simplest and most delicious type of pasta one can make in minutes and still enjoy as if it were an elaborate palace recipe! This is the charm of Italian cooking!

18. Roasted Eggplant Spinach Pasta

baked eggplant pasta penne

Recipe provided by https://saporitokitchen.com/

A little extra time to bake the aubergines would never put me off. The reward is in the form of a beautiful and goodie-packed pasta dish.

19. Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

vegan roasted pepper pasta

Recipe provided by https://www.rhiansrecipes.com/

Why not try a fragrant baked pasta that needs just a few extra minutes to make? Guaranteed, you won’t feel sorry for the added time!

20. Mushroom Carbonara With Pancetta

pasta carbonara with pancetta

Recipe provided by https://thesixfiguredish.com/

It might take just a little over half an hour to prepare and cook this recipe, but the result is a delicious garlicky pasta that will make a wonderful dinner!

21. Creamy Tuscan Chicken Pasta

Tuscan chicken pasta

Recipe provided by https://disheswithdad.com/

Sautéed chicken, garlicky parmesan and sun-dried tomatoes – on my plate in half an hour? Yes, please!

22. Vegan Pasta Caprese

vegan pasta caprese

Recipe provided by https://veganhuggs.com/

What’s better than combining two Italian specials in a healthy and absolute dreamy summer dish? Serving it in a quaint trattoria with a view to Vesuvius, preferably in Capri, perhaps! I swear, one of these days I’ll buy a kitchen wallpaper with that scenery! 

23. Strawberry Pasta

strawberry pasta

Recipe provided by https://www.amummytoo.co.uk/

What do you do when you need to feed fussy eaters? Perhaps wooing them with something daring and different would work. Just allow extra time to roast a handful of strawberries.

24. Creamy Tomato Pasta

creamy tomato pasta

Recipe provided by https://thecozycook.com/

Simple, easy and versatile, this is the ultimate Italian favourite pasta dish!

25. Pasta alla Norma

pasta alla norma

Recipe provided by https://flawlessfood.co.uk/

What better way to conclude this pasta presentation than a Sicilian star dish worthy of an acclaimed operatic name? Bravissima!

How do we pair appropriately wine with your chosen easy pasta recipe?

glass of wine

It is of vital importance to choose the right wine when serving pasta. Wine Folly offers some good ideas and explanations that will make your pasta dinner a total success! An absolute must-read and follow the advice! I know I have acquired an enological education, and surely it will help many others choose wisely.

I genuinely hope you enjoyed reading this easy pasta recipes round-up post and will save it as a reference to your future pasta evenings. Or you can use it as a ready-made meal plan for quite a while! And please share the word. Thank you!

The California Wine Club. A True California Wine Adventure!

What recipe(s) tickles your fancy the most? No matter what you choose, enjoy your pasta, or as the Italians would say, Buon appetito!

Easy Pasta Paradise

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