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20 Iced Coffee Recipes To Make in Summer

Iced Coffees for Hot Days A legend says we have to thank the African goats (not the gods!) for giving us coffee since the said animals apparently discovered the goodness of the tiny beans long before humans had made coffee generally accepted and consumed all over the planet. To think that it only took half a millennia for a tiny bean to become probably the most acknowledged social drink! And in Europe, it almost did not make it at all, since the priests who first tasted it when it arrived in Venice declared it “Satan’s bitter invention!” Thank god a...

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How To Make Spicy Strawberry Jam Without Pectin

Homemade Goodies: Spicy Strawberry Jam Spicy strawberry jam is the main type of preserve I make in the summer with freshly picked fruits from my allotment. Usually, the combinations include strawberry and rhubarb – a tad tangy, raspberries, currants or any other berry that goes well with strawberries.  The idea is to make my jam at home because it is easy, cheap and healthy. In addition, the jam is organic, and the only things I add to it apart from organic coconut sugar are spices. Every time I pick strawberries and make the traditional and mandatory at our house chocolate-dipped...

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How To Transform a Chocolate Cake Into a Decadent Delight

Boozy Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Cake The easiest way to transform a classic cake into a perfectly indulgent delight is by decorating a simple chocolate sponge with boozy, decadent chocolate-dipped strawberries. Your otherwise unassuming cake will impress anyone who will happen to be around, guaranteed! I have spoken about my little allotment in another post (link above) and about how such a tiny plot can offer so much bounty every year and with so little intervention on my part. Although I only made it to the allotment three times in the past two weeks, I picked kilograms of beautiful strawberries. I stuffed...

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30 Quick and Healthy Summer Salad Recipes

Easy Salads for Your Summer Detox The minute the long winter finally gives way to summer, we all crave a bountiful, colourful light and super-healthy salad. It is an almost cathartic feeling to prepare an easy lunch or dinner using all the fresh goodies in season. Here are some beautiful ideas to sort your detox cure for the rest of the month – and continue into the rest of the summer season! Finally, it is time for all that heaviness accumulated during the long winter – no, not the one in GOT, but the more realistic and largely spent in...

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How To Make Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Indulgent Edible Black and White Arrangements The first strawberry crop of the year always turns into a hefty portion of indulgent chocolate-dipped strawberries with fresh cream or ice cream. Or both! Then we go back to being good and enjoying the healthy stuff nature offers us with so little intervention required on our part. Because I don’t have a massive garden, I got an allotment. About a third of my plot was covered with strawberries when I got it years ago, and I never removed them. I hardly paid much attention to this part of the lot, apart from removing...

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How to Make a Summer Upside-Down Rhubarb Pie

Sour-Sweet Rhubarb Pie A sour-sweet upside-down rhubarb pie is perfect in spring and summer when this unassuming and largely ignored plant explodes to life in forgotten corners of almost any garden. Rhubarb is a reddish stacks and green gigantic leaves vegetable the ancient civilisations used in medicine for its numerous health benefits. Although it has a sour taste and might require sugar to make it acceptable for consumption, rhubarb is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants (with polyphenols level even higher than kale) and all the goodies our body needs and nature provides free of hassle. Because it is a relentless...

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