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Amalfi Coast Italy Spaghetti with clams Italian Pasta Recipe 44

Make the Best Spaghetti With Clams – Pasta All’Amalfitana

An Amalfi Coast Special Release the well-known aphrodisiac power of seashells in this easy to make spaghetti with clams recipe that will make your dinner special! Date night, a memorable Valentine’s Day meal or even a regular easy dinner would become notable when you add a touch of Italian cuisine magic! The truth be told, no Italian food can go wrong, but you can make it just a bit more particular by adding ingredients that work wonders to a relatively simple dish. Imagine the sparkle this dish can ignite on Valentine’s Day! To many, pasta with clams does not even...

Caprese salad cover photo 36

Make A Quick And Easy Caprese Salad

Simple Is Beautiful and Delicious! As the name implies, the fresh, delicious and effortless Caprese salad originates from Capri – Mediterranean’s most fascinating island, just a short boat ride from Naples. It might seem a humble dish, but it is one of Italy’s favourites. And we love it too! The Italians take pride in considering it a homage to their flag: green, white and red served on a plate. Caprese is ready in minutes and brings the unforgettable taste of a holiday in the sun. It is perfect as a main or side dish served with garlic bread or pita....

Marina Grande Capri Italy Tyrrhenian Sea 55

Capri, Italy. The Best Place on Earth!

Lunatics of Rome Music: Be Careful What You Wish For, Bad Omens Movie: L’imperatore di Capri (The Emperor of Capri) Book: The Story of San Michele, Axel Munthe Capri’s shape is blurry, and my face is frozen. The wind and salty droplets splash me relentlessly. Maybe boarding the traghetto so early in the morning was not the most brilliant idea. But I did it nonetheless because it would give me an entire day on the island. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I will receive a commission if you purchase through my links at no extra cost to...

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