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Why Do Christians Celebrate Catholic and Orthodox Easter On Different Occasions?

Why is Orthodox Easter celebrated at a different date than Catholic Easter? Well, it is almost impossible to grasp the intricacies of a two-thousand-year-old religion, especially when there is so much controversy around it. There is an ocean of written information for those interested in more profound diggings, but I will attempt a simplified explanation. Christianity is not the first monotheistic religion. Allegedly, Zoroastrianism seems to be about 12.000 years old and has lasted a few thousand years (even until today in some areas). In contrast, Akhenaten’s attempt to impose a monotheistic religion by instating Ra as the sun god...

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Traditional Easter Foods For A Special Celebration

What Traditional Easter Foods Do You Have on Your Festive Table? Before listing a few traditional Easter foods, let’s take a minute and recap why a big part of the world celebrates Easter. Easter – Meaning and a Brief History Easter is the Christian celebration of Jesus’ resurrection three days after his horrific killing by human fellows. Chronologically (according to the Bible), Easter or Passover in Hebrew has been celebrated 1500 years before Jesus’ time, since the Israelites’ liberation from Egypt. Etymologically, the Latin word for Easter – Pascha, of Aramaic origins – is at the base of the names...

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